How can I get the picks?

1. To get picks from Betle you will have to subscribe the service of any of our Tipsters. In case of any doubt about how to subscribe our Tipsters services, just look up the guide How to subscribe a tipster?. If you are subscribed to one or several Tipsters, we will explain below how to get picks from them.

2. We can get picks through two different ways, by e-mail or by mobile APP. These methods will also depend on the Tipster subscribed. At Customer area you can find your Subscribed Services and you can modify as you like.
* From Betle we recommend you to use mobile APP. It is easier and more useful.

3. Send by mobile APP:

3.1. If you prefer mobile APP, you will have to download the APP of Betle available for iOS y Android. Following you will find two available links:

3.2. Once you have downloaded and installed the APP on your device, you can log in with your username and password of Betle.

3.3. From this point on, anytime a Tipster send a prediction or notice, you will receive a notice on your device and if you open it you will directly read the message or prediction.

3.4. With the mobile APP, besides of receiving predictions, you can check pending and finished predictions of our subscribed Tipsters, and their statistics.

4. Send by e-mail:

4.1. If you prefer e-mail, you will receive predictions directly to your e-mail account, the one you used to sign up in BetStyle.

4.2. Some Tipsters have predictions protected for security. In this case, you will receive an e-mail with a link redirecting you to a new page where you will have to enter your Access PIN code, the one you used to sign up in BetStyle. What is an Access PIN code?

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